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AT500 Series Connection Box

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  • 500A Connection Box
    500A Connection Box
Available in two forms the AT500 Series Connection Box are wall mounted metal connection boxes with backmount frames to accept industry standard IDC strips.

The larger cabinets have standard capacities of 340 pairs (AT510), 680 pairs (AT520), 1020 pairs (AT530) and 1360 pairs (AT540) and are suited for major distribution nodes. The smaller cabinets with capacities of 100 pairs (AT501), 200 pairs (AT502 and AT 502H) and 400 pairs (AT504), are ideally suited for localised distribution.

Doors are fully lockable and open through a full 180 degrees for ease of access, or can easily be removed and/or reversed.

The AT510/520/530/540 cabinets can have their capacities increased by using optional 50 pair expansion kits. These add a 5 way frame each vertical, offering upto an additional 200 pairs. Alternatively, a disconnect bracket kit may be added, supplying mounting facilities for industry standard 50 and 64 way 226 connectors.

Full cable entry and management facilities are included with ample jumper ring provision. 80mm knockouts in the sides, whilst a simple dual glandplate system fitted top and bottom supply a wide range of cable access possibilities. Alternatively the top and bottom gland plates can be removed entirely.

Lightning protection is fully supported. The backmounts are permanently connected to a 5 way earth terminal.

Part Codes
501 - 100 Pair Connection Box, 4 Jumper Rings, No 237A
502 - 200 Pair Connection Box, 6 Jumper Rings, No 237A
510 - 340 Pair Connection Box, 8 Jumper Rings, No 237A
520 - 680 Pair Connection Box, 12 Jumper Rings, No 237A
530 - 1020 Pair Connection Box, 16 Jumper Rings, No 237A